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Since the first report on negative refractive index by Veselago and the re-visit of negative index material for high-resolution imaging application by Pendry, research on metamaterials has been almost exploding across academic fields such as physics, electric and electronic engineering, and materials science. Metamaterial gains its importance not only from the academic research on propagation of electromagnetic waves in artificially structured effective medium but also from the highly-sensitive applications such as cloaking and super-resolution imaging.

It is a great pleasure that we have the 1st Korea-Japan Metamaterials Forum. The Forum has been conceived during Metamaterials 2010 Conference at Karlsruhe through discussion among Japanese and Korean participants. We hope that the forum provides Japanese and Korean scientists opportunities to report and discuss the most-updated research and to seek out the international collaborative work in this exciting and challenging field.

We’d like to express thanks to program committee for preparing an excellent program of both the invited oral presentations and the contributed poster presentations, and hope that all the participants have a wonderful time during the Forum.

July 2011

Masanori Hangyo and Jeong Weon Wu, Conference co-chairs